Donkey Dreamland.  We visited a new donkey sanctuary near La Cala De Mijas.

Donkey Dreamland

Donkey Dreamland

Last month I heard about a new donkey sanctuary which had opened on the Costa Del Sol.  Elena and I love donkeys, there are some in the fields near our house and we have fun feeding them, so we decided to visit the new place.  It’s called Donkey Dreamland, and it’s a short drive from La Cala De Mijas.

Donkey Dreamland opened in August 2020, so at the moment it’s very much a work in progress.  Parking is easy though and there is a bathroom.  If you’re going to visit, wear good shoes!  The terrain is steep at times as the sanctuary is on a hillside.

Donkey Dreamland
Wear good shoes!

When we visited there were ten donkeys there.  They have all been abandoned or rescued.  The volunteers know all about each donkey and their stories are fascinating.  One of the donkeys is almost 25 years old, he had been a taxi all his life.  When he arrived at Donkey Dreamland from Sevilla he would only stand facing a wall, as this is all he’d known for his whole life.  He’s great now though, a happy old boy.

Costa Del Sol Donkey Rescue
The donkeys love attention!

Donkeys are funny animals, they are playful and curious.  I was amazed how much they love people, following us everywhere and nudging our arms to get more attention.  They’re so much fun!

Donkey Dreamland
The donkeys are loving their new home.

The volunteers are lovely, and introduced us to all the donkeys.  Children are able to learn about feeding and looking after donkeys, the volunteers were great with the kids we saw there.  Donkey Dreamland is funded entirely through donations.  There’s no entry fee, so I think it’s important to leave a few euros to help out.

Donkey Dreamland
Elena wanted to bring this one home to add to our collections of animals.

If you’ve been to see the donkeys I’d love to read a comment from you below!