Visiting Ojen In Spain – a beautiful village in the mountains overlooking Marbella, southern Spain

Visiting Ojen In Spain

I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, I should take more time to be a tourist and enjoy the many things that the Costa Del Sol has to offer.  About 20 minutes drive from Marbella is a beautiful whitewashed mountain village called Ojen.  There’s very little to do here, except for enjoy the views and the traditional Spanish atmosphere.  I visited on a sunny Sunday afternoon in March 2017.

Map Ojen Marbella Costa Del Sol Spain

To get to Ojen, just follow the road north from La Canada shopping centre.  You can see it in Google Maps here.  For the best photos, don’t turn off the road at the Ojen sign.  Stay on the road for another minute or two, and you will see this stopping area and viewing point.

Ojen Marbella Costa Del Sol Spain

Here I took some beautful pictures of the village, and views looking out to Marbella and the ocean.


Ojen Marbella Costa Del Sol Spain
You can see the ocean if you look carefully!
Ojen Marbella Costa Del Sol Spain
Great place for a selfie with Ojen in the background!
Ojen Marbella Costa Del Sol Spain
Some interesting artwork on the back of a bench. Classy.


In the town itself there is a museum of olive oil or something along those lines.  I wasn’t too disappointed that it was closed on a Sunday.  There are also some ancient caves which you will see further down my post.

Ojen Marbella Costa Del Sol Spain
I could have times this photo a little better.

I just enjoyed walking through the picturesque streets, having coffee in the sun, and enjoying the atmosphere.

Ojen Marbella Costa Del Sol Spain
Lemon trees growing on the side of a building
Ojen 10
A square in the centre of the village with fountains and cafes

Ojen in a hilly town, but there is a car park in the centre which we wish we’d found before walking for miles up and down hills!

Ojen Marbella Costa Del Sol Spain
Ojen feels more traditional and less “touristy” than Mijas
Ojen 12
Looking over the rooftops towards Marbella

The Ojen Caves

Just above the village is a road (with parking) that has two ancient caves next to it.

Ojen Cave Entry
Steep steps lead the the upper cave, the lower cave is at the road level.

These caves were home to cavemen who used them for shelter.  There isn’t really much to see.  The caves are quite underwhelming.


Ojen Marbella Costa Del Sol Spain

Ojen Cave 3
Despite the litter bins, the caves were full of trash and bird crap (OK, so the birds wouldn’t use the bins, I just meant that a good clean is in order!).

The views from the upper cave are amazing.

Ojen Cave 4.jpg

I enjoyed this trip to Ojen.  It’s easy to get to, and well worth a visit if you’re staying near Marbella and have a car.  It has the spectacular views of Mijas with a more traditional Spanish atmosphere.


If you’re interested in the photography, the good pictures were taken on a Sony DSC H300.  The not so good pictures were taken on my Samsung Galaxy s5 phone.

Thankyou for taking the time to read about my afternoon.  I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments!