The Starship Avalon – when someone you know gets a part in a big Hollyood film!

The Starship Avalon

Two of my biggest loves are radio and space ships.  These two things very rarely collide, but recently one of British radio’s favourite voice over artists appeared on the big screen as the voice of The Starship Avalon in the hit film Passengers.

I’ve worked with Emma Clarke on and off for twenty years.  She is currently the station voice at 93.6 Global Radio where I’m based in Spain.  Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you will have heard Emma’s voice.  She has voiced commercials and station idents for just about every TV and radio network on the planet.  Emma is one of the best and most versatile voices available, and also one of the nicest.  It’s always a pleasure to work with Emma, and I hope that she won’t up sticks and move to Beverley Hills anytime soon!

Passengers Ship
The Starship Avalon from the film Passengers

The Passengers Movie

When I heard that Emma was going to voice the part of The Starship Avalon in the Passengers Movie, I had so many questions!  How much of the story did she find out about?  Where did she record this?  How much of her voice would be in the film?  Then after the film was released and I went to watch it, I wanted to know where Emma had seen it and how her children had reacted to hearing Mum on the big screen alongside stars including Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

Passengers Movie

The Interview

Emma joined me in the studio to answer all my questions!  Below you can listen to our chat, and see some footage of the film including Emma’s first onscreen moment.  I recently broadcast an abridged version of the interview on the radio, here you can listen to the full interview.  There are lots of things which radio and media people will enjoy and relate to, and things about the movie which film fans will enjoy hearing.

Spoilers – I’ve tried to make sure that there aren’t any!  You will see some clips of the film, but nothing which gives away any of the major plot points.  Visually the film is amazing, with some incredible scenes.  I have deliberately left these out of this video, if you’re going to see this in the cinema I don’t want to spoil your enjoyment.

My thanks to Emma for this interview.  I thoroughly enjoyed chatting and geeking out!  If you enjoyed it, please click the subscribe button and leave a comment.

Thanks for watching and reading!