A Shaggy Dog Story – what happens when a lost dog runs in front of your car?!

A Shaggy Dog Story

Just before Christmas I was driving near our house in Fuengirola, Spain, when a dog ran into the road.  It had just gone dark, I was lucky I saw him and was able to stop.  I pulled over to make sure his owner was nearby, but couldn’t see anyone.  He kept trying to run into the road and play chicken with the cars, so I took him to the side and held onto his collar.

I went knocking on doors to see if anyone had lost him.  No one recognised him.  He was an old boy, very friendly, though dirty and scruffy.   He’d clearly been out for a while.  I took him to my house and gave him food and water.  He went to sleep in the porch, completely oblivious to my two furious cats who for once weren’t trying to tear each other to pieces as they were united in dog hatred!

Noel the springer spaniel
Noel the springer spaniel

So what to do with the lost dog?  There are many strays and abandoned dogs here in Spain, but we were optimistic because he had a collar on.  I named him “Noel” because it was Christmas.  It suited him.  A quick scan on Google found a 24 hour emergency vet, where I decided to take him.

Noel quickly made himself at home in the car, sat with his head on the seat and being far too cute.  When we reached the vet, they gave him a quick scan and to my relief he was chipped.  Many people don’t bother to get their animals chipped – it’s times like this when you realise how important that is.

A few hours later and Noel was reunited with his family in time for Christmas.  His name is Pancho, and he’d got lost.  I didn’t meet his family, but the vet phoned to say they were happy to have him home.  Though sad to leave him behind, it was a happy ending to a shaggy dog story.

If you would like to give a homeless dog a home, there are lots of wonderful organisations and charities in the Fuengirola area who would love to hear from you.  I have listed some of them below.  If you already have a pet – please make sure that he or she is chipped!

Animal Rescue

Foundation For Abandoned And Mistreated Animals

SOS Animal Rescue

Animal Care Espana

Animals In Distress