Star Trek The Star Fleet Academy Experience – at The Intrepid, New York

Star Trek The Star Fleet Academy Experience

Here is my video review of the attraction.  I have also written some text with images below if you don’t have time to sit through a video!

I was so excited to hear that this attraction would be opening in New York, at the same time that Hannah and I had planned a visit to the big apple.  I love Star Trek, and like most fans I lap up any new Star Trek experience or exhibit.  Unfortunately, sometimes the creators of these events know this, and milk it.  I have recorded a video review of the experience, which you can watch below.

Visiting Star Trek The Starfleet Academy Experience:

Starship Entererprise Model
Starship Enterprise Model

To summarise, this felt like a cheap and poorly planned attraction.  Yes, of course there are some good points.  Props and costumes on display, great staff who were keen to help, and a decent gift shop.  But, the “experience” itself just didn’t work.


As a cadet at the academy, you enter this attraction and must complete a series of tasks from phaser shooting to starship navigation.  Unfortunately, it’s boring.  The software used is sluggish, unresponsive, and there is no sense of relevance.  It’s underwhelming and a waste of time.


The next major disappointment for me was “The Bridge”.  Wow, this was bad.  The lighting is the first thing I noticed, I don’t remember seeing any orange starship bridges on Star Trek!  The build quality is appalling. Bits of wood thrown together, things don’t fit, most of the “graphics” aren’t even lit, and those that are don’t fit into their housings.  It’s a poor effort.

The Bridge is orange Captain!!!
The Bridge is orange Captain!!!

I hate being negative about anything Star Trek related.  I`ve been to some truly fantastic Star Trek related events in the past.  This simply doesn’t measure up though.  If you’re planning to visit, I know that  this won’t put you off – like me, you will want to be a part of it.  I hope that this helps to manage your expectations though and limit your disappointment.

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