Making Someone’s Day – one of the best things about being on the radio

Making Someone’s Day

One of the things I love most about being a radio presenter is getting to make a phone call which I know is going to make someone’s day.  It doesn’t matter what kind of mood you might be in, what kind of a day you might be having, when you hear the reaction of a caller who’s just won a prize that they love – you can’t help but be happy.

Today was one of those days!  A local furniture company, Mabrideco in Calahonda, had given us a beautiful stressless chair to give away on the air.  It’s worth over €1000.  A winner was chosen, and at half past five this afternoon I got to make that call.

Hear the moment she won here:


The Prize
The Prize

Our next big prize is going to be €2000 to spend on a winning smile at Riviera Dental!  Watch this space…