John’s New York Pizza – so good until…

John’s New York Pizza

Everybody has to try pizza in New York!  That’s what we’ve been told, so that’s what we did.  A lady working the ice cream van opposite the Radio City Music Hall recommended John’s near Times Square.  We headed there after watching Matilda in a nearby theatre.

First impressions are great. Good service with a smile, a lovely old building (I think it used to be a church) with plenty of room and a good atmosphere. I love that you can see the chefs at work with the big pizza oven.

John's New York Pizza Inside
Inside John’s New York Pizza at Times Square

The Pizza

Everything arrived quickly and smelled fantastic. We ordered one pizza to share and it was plenty big enough. The toppings were fresh and generous, the crust was tasty, it was a good pizza. So many people say how wonderful New York Pizza is. John’s does that reputation justice.

John's New York Pizza
John’s New York Pizza

What Went Wrong?


Everything had been going so well.  The service, the food, the atmosphere… and then it all went wrong for John’s.

The toilets (or restrooms as our American friends would say). Revolting. Absolutely disgusting.  I expect a restaurant this busy, charging the prices it does, to have somewhere pleasant to make room for dessert. The gents toilets were smelly, and badly vandalised. I felt like I needed a good bath after setting foot in there.

John's New York Pizza Toilet
John’s New York Pizza Toilet

This is supposed to be a restaurant in New York, not a youth club in Barnsley. It spoiled what would have been a great impression of this restaurant.