Balanced Diet – irony in America?

Balanced Diet

Hannah and I have just returned from a fabulous visit to New York and Washington DC.  I will be posting plenty of travel blogs about this over the next few weeks.  Before I get that ball rolling, I thought you may find this amusing.

Denny`s in New York

We visited Denny’s in New York near the Brooklyn Bridge.  We like Denny’s, though this one could be the worst in the world ever – the only time the staff moved quickly was to see if we’d left a tip at the end of our “meal”.

During the twelve hour wait for our overcooked sludge to arrive, I perused the menus and found this gem.  I’m not sure if it’s meant to be ironic, but it certainly made us chuckle.

Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet

In England, a “nutrition menu” would have pictures of green things and carrots and things.  In Denny’s. it’s pancakes, cream, bacon…  now that’s my kind of nutrition!  5 a day? No problem!