Best Insect Bite Treatment – creams, lotions, pills… find out what works and what doesn’t!

Best Insect Bite Treatment

Mosquitos like me.  They like me a lot.  I have lived in Spain for three years and must have tried every insect bite treatment I can find.  Hopefully, I can save you some time and money if you read on and find out which ones worked best for me!  All of the treatments here are available over the counter in a pharmacy, or even in the supermarket.

9 – After Bite Gel Xtreme

Best Insect Bite Treatment

This smells like the regular After Bite, though not as strong and less likely to make your nostrils bleed.

Everything about is seems quite tame though, it did little to stop the itching or reduce redness.  I´m not really sure what it actually did do, I wouldn’t spend money on this again.

8 – Xpel Wipes

XPel Wipes

I bought these wipes in the supermarket after a friend recommended them.  I guess we all react differently to bites.  I didn’t react at all to these wipes.  The only relief they provide is helping you feel like you’re not scratching because you’re rubbing the bite with the wipe – when in actual fact you’re just scratching through the wipe!

7 – Bonjela


Yes, this is Bonjela for mouth ulcers.

I’ve heard that the local anaesthetic is good for insect bite relief though, and it does seem to work.  If the itch is driving you crazy, this does seem to take the edge off it.  However, it doesn’t last long and the gel is quite sticky and uncomfortable on the skin.

6 – A Hot Teaspoon


Take a tea spoon, run it under a hot tap, and place it on the bite for ten seconds.  Repeat.  Obviously, make sure it´s not so hot that you burn yourself.

I thought that this was an old myth, but it does seem to work.  It stings a little at first, and does nothing to relieve the redness or speed up the healing process, but… it does kill the itch!  I found that it gave me about four hours of relief each time.

5 – Anti Histamine Tablet

Anti Histamine TabletWhen you consider that an itchy bite is an allergic reaction, anti histamines make sense.  Watch out though, some of them make you drowsy, though this can be a blessing if the bites keep you awake at night!

I have found that an anti histamine tablet really does ease both the itching and the swelling.  I don´t know if it actually speeds up the healing of the bite, but it certainly feels like it is helping.  It´s not a quick relief though, it takes about 30 minutes before I start to feel the itching disappear.

4 – AfterBite Original

After Bite Original

This clear liquid comes in a pen which can be dabbed onto the bite.  The smell will burn the hairs out of your nostrils and make your eyes water.  It´s been around for years, and I´ve always trusted it.  Like a nuclear bomb going off on your skin, if there is an open wound at the bite site it will really hurt – but the pain subsides very quickly and it provides quick relief.

The After Bite doesn’t seem to last long, maybe only 20 minutes for me, but it really does get rid of that irritating itch quickly and effectively.

3 – Fenistil Emulsion

Fenistil Emulsion

Fenistil Emulsion is a roll on gel.  It´s easy to apply, and carry around with you.  The gel has very little smell, so it´s not going to upset your friends around the dinner table.

Relief isn’t instant with this, but over time the redness and itching both subside and it seems to really help heal the bite.

2 – Anti Histamine Cream

Anti Histamine Cream

You will need to ask a pharmacist for this stuff.  It´s thick white cream, and takes ages to apply and rub into the skin.

It´s worth being patient though, as I’ve found that this has the biggest healing effect on insect bites.  As with the Fenistil, it doesn’t provide instant relief, but over the course of a day or two I have really noticed the bites clear up using this cream.

1 – Mix and Match!

We all react slightly differently to mosquito bites and treatments.  What works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

I haven´t found any single miracle fix for insect bites, but I have found that using several of the treatments in this list at once can be more effective. An anti histamine pill which gets into the blood flow, the hot teaspoon to ease the immediate itching, and some cream to help soothe things on a more long term basis.

If you have any suggestions or comments I´d love to hear them!  Anything that can help in the battle against the bites would be great.