Radio Promo We Love The 90s – voiced by Mitch Johnson

Radio Promo We Love The 90s

Radio producers are a special breed.  Creative, geeky, techy, perfectionists, and easily excited by a new plug in or “a box”.  They sit away in a little room with computers, speakers, mixing desks, and a microphone for hours on end.  When everything comes together, those hours produce a piece of audio which though brief can often be exciting and powerful.  Or sometimes just fun.

This piece of production was great fun.  Crash, bang, zap, whoosh, cut, paste, reverse, reverb, process, mix down.  Who is the voice?  Mitch Johnson, one of the best in the business and an old friend.

I love producing audio for radio.  Sadly, I don´t often have the time to do it these days.  But sometimes when a project comes along which I know I will enjoy, I´ll take a few hours at the weekend and really get my teeth into it.

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