Cats Choose People – they have a way of landing on their feet

Cats Choose People

Hannah, my (lucky) wife, has been pestering me for some time to get a kitten.  We already have one cat, Mow (pronounced like cow), who is about seven years old.  She was a stray who walked into our apartment in Ipswich six years ago and never left.  She´s part of the family now.

I wasn´t overly keen on getting another cat, but Hannah really wanted one so we compromised, and decided to get another cat.  We planned to visit a rescue centre and find a kitten.  Spain has a real problem with unwanted animals, it´s heart breaking to see how many are just discarded because they are the wrong colour or their owners are moving house and don´t want to take an animal with them.  That´s probably another theme for another post on another day.

Just two days after agreeing to get another cat, we went to the garden centre to pick up some supplies.  We always leave our french doors open, with the wrecker gates locked, so that Mow can come and go.  When we got back later that afternoon, this is who was casually sitting on our staircase.


This isn´t Mow cat.  He´s a black kitten, a large kitten for sure, but a kitten.


He was very thin, but very friendly.  He´d made himself  at home already and was keen to jump on us and play.  We gave him some food which he wolfed down, and let him stay in the house for a few hours.  Mow was unimpressed but left him alone.

At night time, we put him out, expecting that he had just wandered off and would go home.  He didn´t, he sat outside our door all night, and came straight in the next morning looking for more attention and food.


Our neighbours all share messages through whatsapp, so we sent his picture round to ask if he was anyone´s pet.  We learned that he is a stray who´d been visiting the urbanisation for a few weeks.  People had been leaving him bits of food out but most of the neighbours have dogs and cats of their own and weren´t able to take him in.

So it seemed as though we wouldn´t have to go and find a new cat, another stray cat had found us.  We´ve named him Enzo.  He is great fun, very affectionate, and still eating like a horse.  He´s been with us for about 2 weeks now.



This week, little Enzo has started having his vaccinations at the vet, and next week he´ll get his microchip,

Mow is still unsure.  He really wants to play with her but she´s keeping her distance.  She hasn´t fought with him, but he´ll get a stern hiss if he gets too close.  However, she is letting him share her territory now, he has even been allowed some bed space!

Mow and Enzo
Mow and Enzo

We´ve bought Enzo a collar with his name on, but it´s a safety collar (he likes to climb trees) and he´s learned pretty quickly how to pop it off!

The vet has told us that Enzo is about 5 months old.  You can see from the pictures he is already big, we´re expecting him to grow to be the size of a small panther over the next year or so!  Welcome to the family Enzo!