Man Hell – Shopping is to be endured, rarely enjoyed

Man Hell – Shopping

Everytime the wife and I go shopping I joke about how long I will be stood outside for, while she just “nips inside to grab something  quickly”.  But it´s not a joke really.  Look outside Primark next time you are passing.  You will see a sea of lost souls, staring blankly into the air or pretending to be gripped by something they are reading on their smartphones.  These people are actually just waiting for the other half to finish buying whatever he or she just “nipped inside to grab”.

How long???

Three whole weeks of a man´s life will be spent waiting for his other half whilst shopping.  That´s 504 hours of nothing time!  The study which was sent to the radio station today says that on average we will waste 23 minutes per shopping trip, standing around doing nothing.

This is a statistic I think I can beat.  It´s nice to be above average once in a while!  Though Id´rather be at home playing GTA.