Strips Of Irish Peppered Beef – one of my favourite dishes!

Strips Of Irish Peppered Beef

I consider myself very lucky, to be good friends with a former Michelin star chef!  Steven Saunders used to present Ready Steady Cook on the TV, owned the famous Pink Geranium restaurant in Cambridge, and now lives close to me here in Spain.

Steven´s latest restaurant is The Little Geranium in La Cala De Mijas on the Costa Del Sol.  I am a regular visitor, I´ve never had food quite like it before!  My favourite dish is the “Strips of Irish peppered beef”, it´s delicious.  Out of this world.

Steven has finally shared the recipe with me, you can see it on the radio station website here.  Have a go at cooking this at home, Steven assures me that it´s fairly simple!