Malaga Feria – a huge local festival which takes place every August

Malaga Feria

Malaga is one of my favourite cities in Spain.  It has a rich mix of cultures which have stamped their styles on it´s architecture and atmosphere.  One of the highlights of the events diary is the Malaga Feria.  Every August the city comes alive with people enjoying music, food, drink, dance, theatre, and a fair ground.

The Malaga Feria is split into two parts.  The night time Feria at the Feria ground on the outskirts of the city, and the city centre day time celebrations.

The video below shows you stills and some video footage of the day time Malaga Feria, it was recorded on Saturday 20th August.  A very hot summer´s day, as you can see from a picture of me about to succumb to the heat!

Here it is!  I hope you enjoy the video.