Burger King Condiment Con – making us pay for not loving the red stuff

Burger King Condiment Con

OK, so maybe calling it a con is a little harsh.  It´s not so much a con, as a complete lack of common sense.  When all sauces are not made equal …

When I order a meal at Burger King here in Spain, I then have six sachets of tomato sauce thrown onto my tray.  No one asks if I want them.  But if I ask for BBQ sauce, sure, that´s 35 cents.  Huh?  “Can I swap the six sachets of tomato sauce which I won´t use for one sachet of BBQ sauce please?”.  Sounds reasonable to me.  The answer?  “No.”

It makes no sense at all.  I have paid 35 cents for one pot of sauce that I want, and thrown away six sachets of sauce that I didn´t want.  It´s not the money, I can afford 35 cents, I have twice that in my savings account at the moment.  It´s the principle.  The waste.  The desire it creates in me to say “No, I can´t have it my way (see what I did there?!) so I´m never eating here again”.  Except my resolve won´t last, because I like Burger King.  Darn it.