Amazing X Factor Contestant – Ipswich “talent” Gavin Arnold

Amazing X Factor Contestant

Working in radio, I get sent lots of CDs and mp3s every week from people who want airplay.  Every so often, a real gem lands on my desk.  Gavin Arnold is one of those gems, for all the wrong reasons.

At the time I was on an Ipswich radio station, and this guy was hoping to get onto the X Factor.  His CD was truly terrible.  An opportunity for some radio comedy which I took, and invited him to chat with me on the phone.  I had no idea just how much comedy I´d get from this guy.  How could he not hear the sarcasm in my voice? Then again, how could he not hear that his own voice is terrible?

After this interview aired, Gavin went to audition for the X Factor and got no where.  He didn´t even make it onto the deluded nutjob episodes at the start of the series.  I thought they´d have him on those!

Sadly, things went downhill after this for Gavin in his quest for fame.  He announced that he had cancer and had been given only short time to live.  In light of this tragic news, local media ignored the fact that he has absolutely no talent at all, and gave him airtime and newspaper columns as he raised money to help other other cancer sufferers.

It then came to light that Gavin Arnold, the amazing X Factor contestant, didn´t have cancer.  He had never had cancer. He made it up to get some attention and money.  The backlash in Ipswich was understandably severe.  He has now changed his name and has moved away from the area.